About Us

Agate Export is a premier manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of different gemstone and other metaphysical products in India and other countries of the world. Based on Khambat, Gujarat, we collect our stones mostly from Khambat, owning to the origin of the crystals here. As a result, we have expertise and understanding in selecting and picking the best stones and crystals with excellent powers and benefits. Consequently, we make use of them to manufacture a huge array of products ranging from pendulums, Reiki sets, beads, necklaces, accessories and energy stones. Our exceptional products and services help us to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

We always strive to provide top quality products to our clients. This is not only about handpicking the stones, but also about manufacturing, cutting and giving shape to the products. We not only adhere to the quality standards, but also make use of cutting edge tools to make these products. Moreover, before making it available to you, we double check the quality due to which you will not have any complaints against our products. Our customer satisfaction is our top priority, and hence, we leave no stone unturned to make you satisfied. You will just have to specify your demands regarding any product, and we will make it available to you.

The vast collection of products like the metaphysical products, the healing wands, the Orgone energy products, the chakra jewelry, the sphere and pyramids, the gemstone Cabochons, etc. will just fascinate you to the extent that you will spoilt for a choice. Unless, you check out the collection at Agate Export, you will possibly not get an idea of what we can offer. At the same time, we are also sure that once you check out our products, you will not feel the need to try out anywhere.

Therefore, whether you require worry stones, geometry sets, singing bowls and gemstone angel or jewelry accessories for yourself or for someone to gift, we are the one stop solution for you. Along with quality products, you can also be assured of the reasonable prices. If you are lucky, you might also come across some deals that will prove to be an excellent option of saving your money. You will feel glad that you have purchased from our store so that you can come back time and again. Start browsing through our site www.agatexport.in now for complete details about us.